Mécanique Magenta
Pierre Malphettes

Parc Saint Léger / FRAC PACA / Galerie Kamel Mennour / La Blanchisserie

French, 19 x 25 cm, 90 p. — 35€


“Mécanique Magenta” follows and echoes the “Road Movie” exhibition Pierre Malphettes presented from 13 October to 23 December 2007 at the Parc Saint Léger. Leaving from Marseille and headed for the north of Scotland at the wheel of a 504 Peugeot fitted with a magenta-coloured lightbox, Pierre Malphettes roamed through various landscapes, made a film and took photographs. The book provides the memory of this journey, transposing it, and also providing the opportunity for the artist to meet writer Gilles Clément and art critic Léa Gauthier. The artist’s photographs dialogue with Lina Jabbour’s drawings. The sounds recorded during the trip become the musical material of the album included in the book and composed by Eddy Godeberge, Julien Hô Kim and Christophe Rodomisto.