All of our programs and activities are freely accessible. In case of limited gauge, the announcement of the activity mentions the need to reserve, do not hesitate to contact us!

For each of the exhibitions, documentation is made available to visitors:
A visit booklet presents the curator’s words and the works on display.
A fun booklet for children offers an active discovery of the exhibition.
A selection of books and articles can be viewed at reception.

A guided tour, favoring exchange with visitors is offered to all visitors. It can be scheduled by prior appointment.

Groups made up * young audiences and adults are welcomed by prior appointment. The format of the visit – its content and duration – was designed following an exchange with the group leader in order to best meet the expectations and characteristics of the audiences received. In addition, eye exercises and practical activities can also be offered.

* Schools, Recreation Centers, Social Centers, Medico-Educational Institutes, Educational and Pedagogical Therapeutic Institutes, Retirement homes, EPHAD… and any other specific association or group.

In collaboration with the National Education Services and in particular with the Departmental Educational Advisor for Visual Arts and the Relay Teacher, a pedagogical meeting is organized before each exhibition. It aims to first present the intention of the curator, the approach and the journey of the artists and of course the works on display. Then are proposed educational paths that can be developed in collaboration and included in the pedagogical project of teachers and educators.

The educational meeting is open to all teachers and educators in the Nièvre department but also to organizers who can find material to enrich their activity programs.

In addition, ad hoc or longer term partnerships can be built in order to offer an in-depth program of discovery of contemporary art including visits, experimentation workshops designed and led by guest artists, meetings with artists welcomed in residence – and this in the premises of the Art Center, outside in the adjoining green park, but also in the partner’s spaces.

Finally, in order to circumvent the difficulties or impossibilities of moving the presentations at a distance from the current exhibition and works can be offered.

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