FROM 7 JUNE TO 23 AUG. 2009

Deux fois la même ville


Curator: Geraldine Longueville (The outdoor gallery)
Project initiated by Gallery Arko, Nevers, and the Parc Saint Léger Outdoor Project.

« Deux fois la même ville » proposes to occupy seven showcases of shop closed among those whose vacancy Nevers and allows the development of art forms.
Visible from the outside, the proposals are exhibited with regard to all. Street not having a “public”, the defocusing of attention that distinguishes of art centers is challenging the existence of the works. Playing about a mode of appearance that exposure, Deux fois la même ville questions the visibility of the work within an overall vision dissolved. Designed and made specifically for each location, the proposals of the artists are aware of this degradation of light while thwarting traps “have you seen me”. The project is in a stretched temporality, available to both, day and night. Its title evokes the thought of Heraclitus: “To those who descend into the same rivers occur always other and other waters.”. Thus perception is continually evolving works without change them. The experience of this vision, dedicated to repeat itself, renewed each time the apprehension of the city.
In the 80s, Nevers has already been covered by various exhibition projects designed by the APAC (Association for Contemporary Art founded by Yves Aupetitalot). Without a place appointed, the association moved several times, each time transforms to vacant space into real places of contemporary art. A selection of archives of these activities will be exhibited at the gallery Arko and documentation on the artists and projects in place in the showcases.