Second Homes

from March to May 2013

Elise Vandewalle & Andrés Ramirez

Born respectively in Dunkerque (France) in 1983, and Bogota (Colombia) in 1981.
Live and work in Paris.

Graduates of the École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts de Paris in 2008.
Involved in fields of creation as varied as music, publishing or curatorship, as artists Elise Vandewalle and Andrés Ramirez develop works that assemble heterogeneous materials and diverse cultural references. In this logic of exchanges that serves as a modus operandi, their artistic practice is not isolated from the rest of their activity: the same dark effervescence resides in it, inherited from the industrial and noise music scenes.
Like an extension of their editorial work, in which the relationship between images is devised within a single object, the artistic duo create scenographic devices that orientate the gaze and introduce a form of narration.