from 22 MAy to 6 JUly 2008

Elsa Tomkowiak / Pierre-Étienne Morelle

ABW Warnant Architecture in Nevers / Parc Saint Léger

Elsa Tomkowiak

“Elsa Tomkowiak has with color a passionate relationship that involves her own body – clothes, makeup – the practice of painting and beyond, a projection into the space environment, whether natural or architectural. 
 It reinvents its arrangements color, in defiance of all dogmas and all treaties that we have seen fit to introduce throughout the ages. It recreates its own code to achieve the harmonies and disharmonies of its own. Its modes creation far exceed the practice of painting, painting, sculpture. All possible media are invited to restructure a space with color. But whatever the nature of the support it borrows, it is defines itself as the stratum which is primarily a means of composition. 
 It is through the accumulation of flat surfaces it creates its volumes. The color composite is thus achieved by a succession of flat tints. Technique that could be compared to that of the painter that coats the surface with a knife from a table by successive veneers. But precisely, Elsa Tomkowiak refuses illusionism of the painting. He must really, actually move through space. 
 The term stratum s apparent in the field of tectonics, with the idea that includes chaotic dynamics at a time. Stratum physically let him write in a vacuum, as successive waves of musical improvisation end up making body. volume , proliferating like the stony corals, seems to be self, materializes and becomes denser while unfolding. This mode of progression in layers and scansions impulse in the work a rhythmic quality that associates with the chromatic playing. 
 If the The artist is most often drawn to places in dereliction, it is because they are areas where color can expand beyond any formal constraint and merge with their disorder, in a healthy and wholesome exuberance that their réinsuffle life. But it is also to engage direct painting – understood as inextricably 
 mental projection and physical exertion – and the tangible and prosaic reality in which we operate. Synchronising the art and reality. 
 activity designer Elsa Tomkowiak is stretched by a vital impulse. In all its work can not but be impressed by the extent that it gives about him and his achievements. In spring 2004, is in the Alps on the snowy heights of Samoens she painted on the snow, hundreds of meters. 
 In Lyon, in 2006, it invests a brownfield site. By acting on the walls and space with large sheets of polyethylene, it creates an environment where pictorial penetrable by more than 1800 m2 where visitors can ride a bicycle. All workshops its projects, drawings and works on standalone media (the latest works on paper involving the practice of photography and mixed paint) carry this desire for expansion and outpouring of color in the environment. 
 We see her win the superstructures, invade the backgrounds, spread in the landscape or ruin it defines. If the artist is endowed with an uncommon energy is not a taste for the feat, but because the work must be able to 
 spaces and transform just for her, color is pure energy. ”

Pierre-Étienne Morelle

“At the crossroads of several disciplines (drawing, performance, photography and video), my work revolves around the idea of physical experiments in which my body plays a central role.
The experiments realized around this “tool body” are archived through pictures and videos validating my presence in the environment as well as the accessories used. The drawing serves as a reminder in a serie of storyboards of realized actions. This first step in my work protocol, designed to test the need of my relationship with the world.
The unrealistic dimension, utopian, or disproportionate that may represent a drawing of project I am very interested in that sense it accentuates the difference between my candid position when I draw and the pragmatic attitude that requires acting out.
These stagings demonstrate the futility of human existence, acting anti-hero, mastering not much to the scenario, and so orchestrating my failure. The challenge is to stage a character constrained in his evolution but that nothing or almost nothing could stop. The goal is to move forward, especially if it does not lead so much … “


22.05 – 06.07.2008
ABW Warnant Architecture in Nevers

31.05 – 06.06.2008
Parc Saint Léger