from JAN. to june 2010

Emilie Perotto

Collège-lycée professionnel Le Mont Châtelet de Varzy

This project takes place within the framework of labeling institutions of Education specialized in art professions, entitled “Label Excellence des Métiers d’art” label awarded to Lycée Mont Châtelet of Varzy for its ironwork section. This results is an artist residency, for the creation of a collective work, produced by the artist, teachers and students, linking the world of ironwork with the world of contemporary art. This experiment asks everyone to mobilize their imagination and ingenuity, but also to shake up his work habits by putting the traditional skills of the blacksmith in the service of contemporary art, and vice versa.

“The Parc Saint Léger, Contemporary Art Centre has been associated from the start to this artist residency project, considering its territorial mission at the scale of the Nièvre for the sensitization and discovery of contemporary art with all audiences. The choice of Emilie Perotto was very quickly established with all partners. Foreign to the world of ironwork, the artist immediately proposed to question the codes of modern and contemporary sculpture, in order to push habits of students and so partially open perspectives of reflection and work unsuspected.
Forgetting the reflexes involved in their discipline, students in the ironwork endorsed this project as a challenge, the sketch to final realization. The sculpture, which is installed in a sustainable way in the ground of the establishment since June 2010, is a monumental scroll template, added a kind of monolith highlighting ironwork techniques. It claims its radicalism while incorporating the fundamentals of business. ”

Isabelle Reiher