second homes

from October to December 2010

François-Thibaut Pencenat

“François-Thibaut Pencenat’s artistic approach is characterised by its multidisciplinary aspect. He works on the idea of staging, establishing a relationship between reality and fiction. His images are elaborately worked, exhausting their possibilities, as is the site in which the works are presented. François-Thibaut Pencenat creates interference between sites of representation and sites of demonstration (involving proof). The notions of absence and obliteration are recurrent in his work, which question our visual memory as well as the remanence of certain forms from the history of art.”

Yann Perol

François-Thibaut Pencenat graduated from the École Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs de Strasbourg. His work was presented in 2009 within the framework of the Tournée de Vernissage exhibition and at Mains d’œuvres for the Fête CéFêt in Saint-Ouen, and at the Galerie The Window 41 in 2010. He is represented by the Fog Galerie.