FROM 7 APR. TO 12 JUNE 2009

Copies cachées

Guillaume Constantin

Collège Le Rimorin in Dornes / Collège Maurice Genevoix in Decize

The College Le Rimorin in Dornes welcomes  in April 2009 the artist Guillaume Constantin on a proposal by the Contemporary Art Centre Parc Saint Léger Outdoor Project. Entitled Copies cachées, the exhibition imagined by Guillaume Constantine is built on a set of round trips and contamination, kind of dialogue between works functioning on a opposition – attraction. Chosen for the gallery space, the material gathered by the artist creates a geography in black and white: black tide of photocopied sheets forming an island, mysterious black rock and table covered with white… These landscapes become stands for new items likely to come to lodge there. Playing subtle references to art history (eg Black Paintings of Ad Reinhardt), the work of William Constantine translated provided a contemporary vocabulary of forms, convening of the inherent problems to sculpture: a vacuum and full, the absence as presence, positive and negative. By using techniques of image reproduction, the artist questions through this exhibit various degrees of representation of the artwork, its status as a unique and tells a story that takes place between reality and fiction based on our reading direction.
The exhibition Copies cachées will then be presented to the college of Decize May 19 to June 19, 2009.



07.04 – 14.05.2009
Collège Le Rimorin in Dornes

19.05 – 12.06.2009
Collège Maurice Genevoix in Decize