second homes

from April to June 2008

Henna-Riikka Halonen

Henna-Riikka Halonen’s practice is concerned with the way people interact with their living place and surrounding, styles of representation and socio/cultural interaction. Putting special emphasis on the awkward and uncertain aspects of experience. She works in a range of media, including video, photography, drawing and installation.. Confusion and pointless actions are the main factors of Halonen’s work. At the same time all this is associated with sort of painterly beauty, sadness, humour and even fear. She is especially interested in awkwarding or theatralisling aspects of lived experience or set of rules or situation, therefore the work playfully approaches complex situations often even described as political. Staged performances and situations frame and reveal social structures, behaviour and those people and places that often go unnoticed from us. Actual places are temporarily transformed into a setting- in which characters submit to strange, irrational choreographies, repetition and awkwardness often distinguishing their behaviour.