Second Homes

from March to May 2015

Jocelyn Villemont

Jocelyn Villemont, a young French sculptor who lives and works in Glasgow, graduated with a prestigious MFA in sculpture from the same city. Villemont creates installations which combine salvaged and/or modified objects, shaped sculptures – mostly in wood – drawings, watercolors of naïf patterns, and other forms and media depending on the circumstances of the exhibition. His works formally draw on different cultural vocabularies. Teen culture (skateboarding and surfing), party culture (electro music and references to narcotics), primitive cultures, either actual (American Indians) or imaginary (prehistoric), so-called kitsch popular cultures etc., all converge on a given point in space-time, that of the exhibition. The clash between references suggests new readings of already strongly connoted elements and clearly outlines an idyllic portrait of a happy, complex-free multiculturalism.

Dorothée Dupuis
Text written for the exhibition Les Possédé(e)s, Triangle France, Marseille, 2012.