26 JAN. 2009

Au pays

Lawrence Weiner

Abbaye de Corbigny

Commande publique by Lawrence Weiner
Abbey Corbigny – Spaces of cultures of Nivernais Morvan


Project of public commission led by the Ministry of Culture in connection with the “Espace de Cultures” in the country Nivernais Morvan and the Art Center.
The American artist, a major figure in conceptual art, will perform an intervention on one of the facades of the abbey, work creating a strong link between the building and the city of Corbigny.
The artist will also be involved in the grand staircase of the abbey.
Foreshadowing of this project public commission, we want to develop a number of interventions and projects with cultural and social structures of the city of Corbigny. This accompanied work should begin before accompanying the realization of the work to familiarize people with the work and the artist. It will also continue in the period after realization because it is a permanent work.


January 26 to January 31, 2009
As part of   Petites formes concertées, a workshop is organized with the students of the Ecole des Beaux-Arts de Dijon and the School of Applied Arts of Burgundy. This workshop will be coordinated by the collector and critic Ghislain Mollet Viéville and relayed by teachers in both schools.