FROM 7 APR. TO 1 JUNE 2012

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Marlies Pöschl

Marlies Pöschl is between artistic activity and mediation. Her works always involve language, the exchange between self and others, whether physical, visual or verbal. Using photography, video or installation, her works often include the public participation in order to exist, to be realized. For the project Ecriture de Lumière, English teachers, German teachers, and History teachers are involved as well as the art teacher to realize with this young Austrian artist project around le Musée de la Mine. The artist will reside between the junior high and the museum, allowing a photographic production of Marlies Pöschl and students, linked to the city context of La Machine.


Upstream of this residence, Marlies Pöschl will present two movies to the students of Collège de Dornes; Italin and Sternheim, two movies that note the connection to each other in a scene. It will allows to the students from Drones, Decize and La Machine, as well as elementary schools to discover the artist’s work out of the context of La Machine, in order to better understand the production that will be made with the college students.


With the support of DRAC Bourgogne and the School Inspectorate.



« And other stories »
Vernissage jeudi 5 avril à 17h
7 April – 1 June 2012
Collège Le Rimorin in Dornes

Residency in 2012
Collège Jean Rostand in La Machine
in partnership with le Musée de la Mine