from July to August 2012

Mathieu Carmona et Yann Desfougères

Project produced in association with the Centre de Recherche Archéologique and the Musée de Bibracte.

Mathieu Carmona and Yann Desfougères lived at the Centre de Recherche Archéologique de Bibracte in the Morvan area for two months, July and August. The artists’ initial postulate was the desire to experiment with archaeologists’ working and production methods. It was also a matter of removing—at least partially—the archaeological object from its usual scientific shackles and of considering it as a testimony to specific plastic qualities that can be analysed in terms of the history of forms or the history of art.
Based on interviews conducted with the archaeologists and staff of the research centre, Mathieu Carmona and Yann Desfougères are now presenting the museography of the Musée de Bibracte from this perspective and proposing plastic and textual interventions. This plastic research is situated at the crossroads of artistic practice, philosophy and the sciences. They allow the specific artistic forms of this confrontation between various fields of knowledge to emerge.

The residency will give rise to an exhibition and a publication, the fruit of the experimentation and interviews.