FROM 15 MAR. TO 14 NOV. 2009


Nicolas Royer

Centre archéologique de Bibracte

Bibracte and the Parc Saint Léger invite in 2009 the artist Nicolas Royer to intervene on the site of the Museum of Celtic civilization. Component of the landscape, the forest will serve as raw material for his intervention. For Evergreen Forest can be read as an image related to the architecture of the museum. When Nicolas Royer crosses the Morvan, his first impression of the landscape is very romantic. Once there, he meets archaeologists, environmentalists and forestry; their specific readings reveal to him the different layers invisible of the landscape. As an intervention in situ, Nicolas Royer propose to us an image of contemporary forest questioning its industrial exploitation and aesthetics. The woods are planted in series, form lines in the landscape before being exploited and transported in the world: Italy, Japan, Australia…