from September 2011 to June 2012

Olivier Sévère

For the third consecutive year, Parc Saint Léger organizes an artist residency at Lycée Mont Châtelet de Varzy. After Emilie Perrotto and Martin Lord, whose practices have come to enrich and disturb the traditional practice of ironworkers, it’s Olivier Sévère who moved in the High School this year. Olivier Sévère’s work takes the materials in another way. A glass skittle or marble cushions compose his vocabulary. The challenge is, on the one hand, of the imaginary and the absurd, but also more technical to use the material in an unusual way, and so, to adapt techniques of production to the goal set by the artist.

The label “Art Business Excellence” is awarded by la Drac Bourgogne and l’Académie de Dijon/the Drac Burgundy and the Academy of Dijon.