18 MARCH 2008

Entre deux, entre eux deux

Petites Formes Concertées #1

Didier Petit (‘cello, vocals)
Mic Guillaume (choreography, dance)

In association with D’Jazz Nevers Nièvre

Mic Guillaume and Didier Petit were bound to meet. The work of the former, a dancer and choreographer of contemporary dance, but also hip-hop, is situated off the beaten path, as is that of Didier Petit, whose various projects testify to his taste for experimentation.

“Several times in our lifetime we find ourselves in an “interspace”, a state or a space where everything becomes possible, and it’s what we love or what destroys us…
The improvisation is an event similar to this state, and touches on this indescribable element that is THE SPACE BETWEEN.” (Didier Petit)

“Sixty-something years envelop me, stripping bare the foreshore between hopes and forgotten memories: multi-faceted curves of exchanges open to the future. Fragments of choreographic and musical experiments. I try not to think; I dance. I dance like an egg—rounded—with all of my senses attuned to the changing world; fugitive choreography.” (Mic Guillaume)