14 JAN. 2010

Une pièce mécanique

Petites Formes Concertées #3

A creation by Compagnie Mille Plateaux Associés
A Parc Saint-Léger / Art Danse CDC Dijon Bourgogne co-production

Design, choreography: Geisha Fontaine, Pierre Cottreau
Set design: Dominique Blais
Sound design: Damien Mingus
With: Alexandre Da Silva, Laurie Peschier-Pimont
Props manager: Charles-Édouard Maisonabe
Computer programming: David Olivari, Stéphanie Le Fresne, Maël Teillant
Production of objects: Matthieu Audejean, Delphine Dupuy, Charles-Édouard Maisonabe

When dancer Loïe Fuller asks herself, “What is dance?” she answers, “It is movement.” Playing on this postulate, Geisha Fontaine and Pierre Cottreau reappropriate the process of choreographic composition by simultaneously applying it to two dancers and a “mechanical corps de ballet”. In order to produce this project, they asked artist Dominique Blais to design all of the mobile objects and musician Damien Mingus to devise their score. Digital technology completes the presentation.