FROM 25 FEB. TO 8 APR. 2012


Soraya Rhofir

Palais ducal de Nevers

After the Celebration of Tony Regazzoni, Parc Saint Léger – Outdoor Porject presents, in partnership with the city of Nevers, Didascalion, a monographic exhibition of a contemporary artist in the heart of the medieval city: Soraya Rhofir at Palais Ducal.


The title of this exhibition refers to the first modern encyclopaedia of arts, science and techniques. It presents itself as an art of reading the world in which we are, to do this, it lists the typical forms. This starting point leads all the work organized by Soraya Rhofir in Nevers. The artist’s work, produced for the occasion, sound with the history and the present of the Palace: the evolution of its style and the multiplicity of its uses or elements presented. Stone, animals administration, wandering are themes blending the place and the vocabulary of the artist.


Soraya Rhofir proposes to the Palais Ducal a multiple exhibition where images of any range cross each other: ancient archetypes to current stereotypes, the first being finally some stereotypes universalized. Internet is the essential basis oh her research, sieving this continuous flow of image to extract not only some figures but real materials. Using the wood grain, the speckled linoleum, the light density of paper mache, Soraya Rhofir offers a confrontation with a tribe of ingrown symbols, kinds of contemporaries’ totems.