Les galeries morvandelles
Suzanne Hetzel

Parc Saint Léger



This journal was published on the occasion of Suzanne Hetzel’s exhibition, “Prendre un Air de Feu” [Adopt a Fireside Look] at the Musée du Septennat in Château-Chinon. The exhibition is the result of an artist’s residency lasting several weeks, held at the museum. This project comes within the framework of the Hors les Murs programme at the Parc Saint Léger.

In this journal, objects punctuate the residency, and with them, texts by eleven guest authors suggest different directions.

“In the Morvan, ‘prendre un air de feu’ is an expression that means inviting a friend to enter one’s home to warm up by the fire. Sharing with another person the warmth of one’s interior is a generous act of altruism that is a reminder of the rigorous nature of the climate and the isolation that is common in mountainous areas.”

Extract from the text by Isabelle Reiher, head of the Hors les Murs programme at the Parc Saint Léger