FROM 18 MAY TO 31 DEC. 2009

Prendre un air de feu

Suzanne Hetzel

Musée du Septennat de Château-Chinon

Two museums, two collections, a garden that links them and stunning views of the landscape on the Morvan: the ingredients of a photographic invitation to Suzanne Hetzel are reunited. As part of her residence in Chateau-Chinon, the artist proposes a triangle that connects the museum Septennat, the Museum of Costume and the locals. The scene takes place in the Museum of Costume where Suzanne Hetzel imagined a studio shot. In this setting, she invites people to come “take a look of fire” … This is an incitation to discover or rediscover the collections of the museum which contains some of Septennat objects offered to François Mitterrand when he was President of the Republic; a incitation to make a political gesture or simply sentimental by selecting in this collection an object with which each participant is photographed in the studio setting. In return, and as the objects remain in the privacy of the museum, Suzanne Hetzel spreading in the city and the surrounding towns a choice of images, varying the surprise out of context, how to stretch a little farther pole. Finally, there is the artist’s personal collection, objects gleaned from the residence and that once assembled embody the new Galleries Morvan.

Isabelle Reiher