FROM 24 SEPT. TO 13 NOV. 2010

Villa Offdeutschland

Galerie Arko, Nevers

“We all had many projects in consulting of progressives and no longer know that there was this night, at first, that everything must now again, absolutely and in detail, be formulated, discussed, negotiated, questioned, unfolded and folded, raised and rejected. “

A co-production gallery arko / Parc Saint Léger Outdoor Project

Marcel Hiller works “with” and “from”. His works involve the space that welcomes and objects that prowl to form some installations and sculptures, always temporary, existing here and now. Sometimes, Marcel Hiller invites other artists to produce works inspired by the meeting of their respective art worlds.
At the gallery Arko, the artist will combine these two approaches by inviting Sebastian Walther and Markus Hahn with him to produce a specific structure encompassing and invading the gallery.
Marcel Hiller made a Résidence Secondaire at Parc Saint Léger in June 2010.