from DeC. 2009 to mar. 2010

Une année de création sonore

Zahra Poonawala / Pierre-Laurent Cassière

Collège Adam Billaut à Nevers

Zahra Poonawala
Haut parleur / Public address system

Zahra Poonawala is currently in residence at Parc Saint Léger in the program of the Residences of Frac du Grand Est.

For three years, the Victor Hugo school is involved in the educational project “Victor Hugo au jardin”. The goal of this project is to make students think about their relationship to nature. What is nature, how to live with it, how to represent it?
The teaching team of Victor Hugo school has joined many external partners and several actions have already been made: exhibition of  painted kakemonos with an artist, lay out of the traffic-circle before the school, a tree planting in the schoolyard.
In partnership with the Contemporary Art Centre, the workshop with the artist Zahra Poonawala finalize the work by allowing students to create a soundscape, from natural and artificial sounds.
After presenting her work to students, Zahra Poonawala invited them to join the art center. It is in this place of creativity that the students selected and fabricated nature sounds from instruments (horn, violin, ocarina), tools (decoys) and sounds taken directly from outdoors, in the Parc Saint Léger.
In return, Zahra went Poonawala has recorded moments of college life Victor Hugo in Nevers, accompanied by other students of the school.
All these sounds, edited by the artist will lead to a new ringtone for the Victor Hugo school.
The opening of the ring was held Tuesday, March 23 at the Victor Hugo school.