second homes

from October to December 2009

Dae Jin Choi

Dae Jin Choi’s world uses images that mark our imagination. It is powerful, detonating even. This world full of model toys and recycled objects is built on icons or strong symbols. What is he telling us? About the world we live in, forms of power, the global and globalised economy. Dae Jin Choi’s plastic vocabulary is always ambivalent and lends itself to a number of different interpretations. Often undertaken with a certain urgency, his works are visually very crude and direct, rarely abstract. They are based on drawings that he always produces with the same urgency or spontaneity that is his hallmark. Dae Jin uses drawing as a way of looking around him, capturing situations, gleaning stories from daily life: he draws in the metro, in cafes… nearly all the time. This compulsive and mechanical practice even sometimes assumes a performative character and the drawings thus become autobiographical tales told in the heat of the moment.