FROM 16 TO 31 DEC. 2011


Emmanuelle lainé

New office of the CHS in la Charité-sur-Loire / Pré-Poitiers in Nevers

The partnership between the specialized hospital of Nievre and Parc Saint Léger, Centre d’art contemporain, build some ties for many years through different actions and projects. Exhibitions visits, meetings with artists, artistic workshops, are what we offer to the patients, outside of their usual scope of care, to discover contemporary creation. Beyond pleasure and reflections works can create, the objective of these actions is also an approach of getting in touch with reality and today’s society through unexpected mediums. The patient is more involved here as a citizen who question the world around him.


This year, Parc Saint Léger and CHS invite the artist Emmanuelle Lainé to invest the new office of Pré-Poitiers. For several weeks, the artist will use as her workshop a room of the building. Because for Emmanuelle Lainé, the workshop is, both, a workspace and an exhibition space, but also a place to project her brain. Drawing on medical imaging and representations of neuronal connections, Emmanuelle Lainé built some sculptures in her workshop and makes them photographed by a professional photographer in views of exhibitions, André Morin. The images produced take into account the space in which it is, the tools or images inspiring the artist. Once the picture taken, the sculptural object is destroyed, leaving this image to the public, vision of an artist’s reflection in action.


The same process will be established at the Pre-Poitiers, except the patients and medical persons will have access to the workshop once the sculpture done. In addition, patients from CATTP of Nevers and southern sector will be invited to photograph the artist’s work. An exhibition and then an edition will present images of patients and pictures from André Morin.