Le peuple qui manque

Parc Saint Léger / National School of Art of Clermont Métropole
With the support of the National School of Art of Dijon
Published by B42

176 p., 15 × 22 cm — 22€


At the crossroads of various theoretical trends like critical and postmodern geography and postcolonial and decolonial thought, Geo-esthetics returns to the spatial turning point of art and explores the figure of the artist in geography. The work mobilizes a “geocritical” analysis that studies the representations of space in artworks themselves, as well as the inseparable analysis of a spatialization of art history and the language of curating, spatial contexts in which works of art are produced, circulated and valorized.


Comprising original contributions and translations of important texts from the last two decades, Géoesthétique aims to be a book-manifesto, featuring writing by geographers, theoreticians and art historians, artists and exhibition curators. It is an extension of the “Atlas critique” show mounted by Peuple qui manque at Parc Saint Léger, Center for Contemporary Art, which ran from March to May 2012.


Edited by Aliocha Imhoff and Kantuta Quiros, the Peuple qui manque.


Kantuta Quiros et Aliocha Imhoff / Giovanna Zapperi / John Pickles, Sebastian Cobarrubias et Maribel Casa Cortes / Sandro Mezzadra et Brett Neilson / Guillermo Gomez-Pena / Jennifer Gonzalez/ Pedro Lasch / Bertrand Westphal / Beatriz Preciado / Franco Fanrinelli / Cuauhtémoc Medina / Piotr Piotrowski / Thomas DaCosta Kaufmann / Joaquin Barriendos /