second homes

from September to November 2012

Luca Monterastelli

Luca Monterastelli forms his sculptures based on somewhat raw materials (plaster, wood etc.) that he combines with objects he finds here and there or at the exhibition site. Far from glorifying the object, he is interested in forms that elude the monumentality and masculinity of sculpture. While the phallic reference is very present, as in Gypsothèque or Fat Eye, it is presented in a situation of failure. The relationship to the body has a strong presence in his practice (a physical rapport with his material is engaged as he cuts the wood) with tenderness and carnal complicity, and without confrontation. The power of these forms emerges from an understanding with his object. Nothing remains fixed for this sculptor whose works reach a new finality each time, depending on their context: any aspect (the pedestal, the layout of the elements etc.) is capable of evolving.