Mathis Collins

Mathis Collins


Born in 1986 in Paris, where he lives and works. He studied at Paris-Cergy’s Art School and then, in Bruxelles, Montréal and Metz. His sculptures and performances are between handicraft and forms taken by documents issued of collectives experiences.


It’s the 6th year in a row that Parc Saint Léger organises an artistic residence in the ironwork sector of Lycée Professionnel Le Mont-Châtelet (Varzy). The issue is to bring face to face an unusual practice to ironwork either in a technical or aesthetic point of vue, allowing, in one hand, the artist to experiment a new form and, in the other hand, the studen to participate to the production of an art work.


Mathis Collins would like to use that residence to realize a round table, symbol of peace and equality.