4 FEB. 2010

Souffles chorégraphiques

Petites Formes Concertées #3

Laurent Dehors / Héla Fattoumi—Laurent Dehors / Delphine Caron

Two duos based on an improvisation between a choreographer-dancer (Héla Fattoumi and Delphine Caron) and Laurent Dehors, improviser and multi-instrumentalist (clarinets, saxophones and bagpipes), all of which is presented like a delectable meal. “Music is like cooking,” said Laurent Dehors: the balances, flavours, combinations, tastes… The protagonists must tame the void by carrying out solo and duo improvisations and by appropriating the space.
The power and expressiveness of Héla Fattoumi’s dancing immediately impressed Laurent Dehors at their first meeting at the Triton, during the Dodécadanse Choreography Festival. While maintaining the fresh quality of a first meeting, they will play on silence, like a pair of tightrope walkers.

As for Delphine Caron, she develops personal work enriched by her practice of buto and poppin. Her dance style is based on breathing; she particularly enjoys working with improvising musicians (Claude Barthélémy, Serge Adam). What kind of movements and rhythms connect them?

“In these duos, it is all a question of breathing. It is what weaves the web of the story and brings the performers together.”

A Parc Saint Léger / D’Jazz Nevers—Nièvre coproduction