FROM 25 JAN. TO 20 MAR. 2012

Treize étrange(s)

Collège Adam Billaut de Nevers, Galerie S102

As part of the programmation Outdoor Project, The Parc Saint Léger organizes for 10 years exhibitions at the gallery S102 collège Adam Billaut in Nevers, with the artist and art teacher Pierre-Luc Darnaud. This year, we have asked to the graphic designer Marine Le Saout, founding member of the review Collection, to invite others artists for a project about contemporary drawing and publishing. This project follows the Lancszemek exhibition that took place at Lille, L’hybride, in spring 2011, the first appointment more based on the principle of a connection linked with random encounters that a common theme of work.


For the exhibition « Treize Etrange(s) », artists are invited to respond to the concepts of networks, unexpected meetings, cohabitation, temporary collective, passages and crowds, offering one ore more drawings. It is not a matter of reacting to a theme, but considering his drawing in a multitude, while keeping its specificity.


Also, to further in the practice of each artist, a library will present different books (Fanzines, comics, novels, theoretical essays…) either from artists themselves, or fundamental works for their practice. This exhibition-meeting will mark the publication of a book catalogue.


Will be invited to the “Ball”: Bestiaries + caves + subjective cards + pink dolphins in blue swimming pool + arms + constellations + cornices + encyclopaedia + labyrinth + okapi + marrows + generator insect + geometry and natives… The temporary collective will propose to Pierre-Luc Darnaud’s students, by mail, once a week for 10 weeks a set of specific drawing they will test with their teacher. These experiments will also create an edition.